Switching your mortgage is still a viable option during Covid 19 if looking to reduce your outgoings. Our Mortgage Team have been delighted to get some of our clients over the line during lockdown, both Switching and new mortgages. Lenders are still accepting all applications at this point.

Trish Jukes & Ross Craigie


Most people these days shop around for the car and home insurance on an annual basis in order to see if they can reduce their monthly outgoings as much as possible, so why not consider shopping around for a new Mortgage Lender/Rate.

Switching your mortgage is easier than you think. We would be happy to guide you through the best options to reduce your mortgage rate and thus, lower your monthly outgoings and ultimately help you to save thousands over the term of your mortgage.

The main thing to remember when switching is that you are in the comfort and safety of your own home already so the process will not be as stressful as you remember your initial Mortgage application to be.

The anxiety of waiting to get your keys, when switching your mortgage, this feeling is not there and you can just concentrate on what to do with the savings you make or perhaps the cashback currently also on offer from some of the banks as these cashback offers are available to Switchers and Movers as well as First Time Buyers.

The biggest cost to you at the time of switching your mortgage would be your legal fees but even then, if you are applying to one of the banks with the cashback offer, this cash will more often than not cover your legal fees. Some lenders have offers available to cover your legal fees.

Try not to be put off because of the current situation with Covid 19, Lenders are accepting all applications at this point.

Here are our top 5 Reasons to Switch your Mortgage with Hegarty Financial Management.

  1. We research the market for you, ensuring that you can consider the most competitive rates on the market to suit your circumstances.
  2. We bring you through the process from start to finish. 
  3. We deal directly with all financial institutions/Banks on your behalf.
  4. Saves time and energy from your point of view
  5. Lower your monthly outgoings.

Some Google Reviews we received during lockdown. 

“Today we have collected the keys to our new home, despite lockdown, Covid-19, banks new approach, and all other obstacles. NONE of them turned out to be a big spanner in the wheel. Hegarty team has been very easy to reach, professional, and supportive throughout all the process and I can highly recommend their service for anybody. Trish and Ross thanks a lot.”

“Hegarty Financial were absolutely top class to deal with.  Trish was particularly helpful at every stage of the mortgage process, she was so pleasant and helpful to deal with and nothing was a problem.  Both Ross and herself worked extremely hard to get the mortgage over the line at difficult Covid 19 times and this was greatly appreciated.  I can’t recommend Hegarty Financial enough both for mortgage and financial planning advice.  Thanks Guys.”

If you are considering switching or applying for your mortgage, just pick up the phone and call us on 01 4972544, Trish & Ross will be happy to help.

Alternatively, you can e-mail Trish and Ross as the following email addresses: trish@hegarty.ie and ross@hegarty.ie