In our 40 years in the business we have seen pretty much every financial crisis or scenario but nothing has shaken our global health and economy like Covid 19. But one thing experience has taught us about the world of pensions and investments is that patience is essential and not to make any rash decisions. Each individual case can be different but the general advice is:


Attempting to time markets is damaging over the medium to long term;

It is important to be patient and not react to short term news;

Investors make suboptimal decisions when emotions take over

  • – tending to buy out of excitement when the market is going up; and
  • – sell out of fear when the market is falling.

Those  few who are lucky enough to avoid some of the worst days are almost certain to miss the best days that follow;

In volatile markets be wary of investment biases;

Continuing to invest, having a long term time horizon, and allowing compound interest to work can be the biggest drivers of growth within investment portfolios.

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