This month we chat to Andy Ivory Corr, Head of Investment Sales, New Ireland Assurance to discuss their new Sentinel Fund.


Andy Ivory-Corr, New Ireland


Over the last decade New Ireland has worked hard at refining its investment offering to the market. Why? We understand that ‘one size does not fit all’ which is why through our investment offering we have choice at the very core of what we do. Whether it’s a full serviced investment solution you are seeking for your clients or a specific type of investment fund, we have endeavoured to have it covered.



Our Built for You/ Built By You proposition ensures that we have something available for a wide range of pension and investment clients.

Built for You

Innovation and working with some of the some of the world’s largest fund managers have been key factors in us developing our Built for You suite of offerings – iFunds, PRIME Funds, IRIS. Now I’m delighted to be able to talk to you about our latest innovation, the Sentinel Fund.
















A Protected Fund with a Difference……

  1. 85% protection is based on the highest fund value, it does not only apply on a specific date.
  2. Unlimited growth potential – there is no limit on the potential upside fund growth
  3. Diversification – the fund offers high levels of diversification amongst its multi asset portfolio
  4. Benefit of dividends – the fund provides exposure to total return indices therefore providing investors with the full benefit of dividends
  5. Fund cannot get cash locked – the fund has an innovative solution which prevents the fund from becoming cash locked.
  6. Familiar investment links – The return of the fund is linked to a number of mainstream global stock market, bond and alternative indices.
  7. Product availability – the fund is available to a wide range of New Ireland’s pension and investment products.
  8. Daily access – it is a daily priced fund; your clients can invest, switch or encash on any day (subject to policy conditions and policy fees may apply).

To find out more about the Sentinel Fund contact one the Hegarty Financial Management team today on 01 4972544  or email,, or