The recent merger of Canada Life with Irish Life is likely to raise confusion in the minds of many people in their dealings with Financial Institutions.

Over the past 30 years many household names have disappeared from our Main Streets and telephone directories. Royal Liver – Equitable Life – GRE Life are no longer open for business.

Results from our Tracing and Finance Search Service (that has reunited millions of Savings and Pension Euros with their owners) highlighted the following;
Financial Institutions that have changed their name or brand over the years are;

Abbey Life/ICI Life/Canada Life/Prudential Life/Irish Progressive now Irish Life     

NorwichUnion/Hibernian/CGU/GA Life now Aviva                                       

Friends Provident now Friends First                                                            

Scottish Provident/Royal Life now Phoenix                                      

Shield Life/Eagle Star now Zurich                                                                           

NZI Life Ireland Limited now Acorn Life                                                              

Similar changes have occurred in the Banking and Insurance Sectors, eg Northern Bank – Church & General – Amev and many more. It’s important to remember a change of name or brand does Not change your entitlement.

Our advice is never to chuck out family papers before you check them out! we can assist you in this regard.